Auto Body Shop Lorton VA

Questions Car Technicians Are Frequently Asked By Customers In An Auto Body Shop Within Lorton VA

When customers enter an auto body shop for the first time, they have a numerous amount of questions to ask automotive technicians. Customers only want to know there car is well taken care of and they have decided on an auto body shop within Lorton VA that has the knowledge and skills to repair or recreate their car the way they intended.

The Amount Of Time The Shop Has Been Around

Just because a person lives in northern VA does not mean they have been there for an entire lifetime. For this reason they do not know the length of time a body shop has held its doors open for customers and their cars. Asking the technician about the length of time they have been serving customers allows an individual to know if the shop technicians have years of experience and training.

Is All Car Insurance Accepted

Car insurance covers most repairs that are needed after a car has been the victim of an accident. Majority of the auto body shops accept insurance but the customer will have to pay with the money they have received. Several individuals choose to pay for the repairs out of pocket, and then inform the insurance companies of the costs so they can be reimbursed the proper amount.

Which Brands Of Products Are Used

If a car owner loves their vehicle, they only want the best parts and paint. The technicians of the auto body shops order several different brands to meet their customers needs. If the customer decides to have a product that is not in the shops inventory, in most cases it can be ordered and shipped to the store.

How To Care For A Car After New Paint

Once a car has been freshly painted customers must be extremely careful about where the drive and how they wash their car. The fresh paint can easily be chipped or begin looking scratched and full. Auto body shops within Lorton VA asks customers to stay in the shade, avoid commercial car washes and don’t drive on gravel roads for a minimum of two months.

Is There A Warranty And What Does It Cover

Warranties can be limited or last for an entire lifetime, depending on the service the customer has purchased. For car repairs customers receive a limited warranty on the parts, but when a car is painted there are lifetime warranties. The warranty for a paint job covers:

• Fading
• Peeling
• Cracking
• Blistering

The warranty covers these incidents that happen due to poor service or faulty paint, but not normal wear and tear of the vehicle.

Satisfied Customers When Questions Are Answered

Customers ask about parts service time, and protection of their vehicles before choosing a ship to complete repairs or upgrades. Asking questions educates the customer of how to care for the car and what quality of service they will be receiving. Local car technicians answer the questions in the order they are asked to ensure customers they will receive the service they deserve.