Auto Paint Jobs

A car or a truck is about a lot more than simply getting from Point A to Point B to the person who owns it. That said, it’s not just important that it run well. It needs to be a visual reflection of the person that drives it as well. That means having a clean, good quality paint job and access to quality touch-up work that is capable of preserving the integrity of a vehicle’s original factory look.

Whether you’ve recently been in a collision and are pricing local car paint touch ups or are simply looking to rejuvenate your vehicle with a fresh, new paint job altogether, it’s important to make sure you choose the right professionals to trust with the job.

The Best Auto Paint Services in Northern Virginia

In the Northern Virginia area, the auto paint shop to beat is AA Auto Collision & Repair and it’s not hard to see why. With over 23 years of solid, hands-on experience working with vehicles of all types, our experts really know their way around a paint job.

We also enjoy a spotless local reputation for excellence, attention to detail, and stellar customer service. We know that you could easily choose to take your car to any paint body shop, so we go the extra mile to make sure our customers would never even consider it. Ask us about:
• Collision touch-up work
• Custom paint jobs
• Restoration work
• Much, much more! We literally do it all.

Not only do you have our guarantee that your car paint repair and paint shop work will be completed to perfection, but all work done comes with a free lifetime guarantee. Come experience the difference for yourself!

The Best Methods, Equipment, and Materials

Our fully trained and extensively experienced paint shop professionals start your paint work with high quality rust inhibitor primers to help prevent corrosion and give the new paint the best possible foundation. We also use urethane top coats, as well as precision tint and blend paints to guarantee a flawless match each and every time.

At AA Auto Collision & Repair, we don’t consider it enough to simply get the job done. We believe it needs to be done to standards that not only meet, but exceed even the most discriminating customer’s highest standards. Come find us at the end of Terminal Road near Lorton/Newington VA or get in touch with us today and tell us more about what we can do for your auto. You’re guaranteed to be glad you did.


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