Mechanics in Lorton VA

What skilled mechanics in Lorton VA can offer

AA Auto Repair & Collision has the best mechanics in Lorton VA. This is no idle claim. Our shop mechanics have extensive hands-on experience in handling all sorts of cars. Whatever make and model of vehicle you have, we can handle it.

It has been said before, but it bears repeating: the backbone of any auto repair shop is its mechanics. Having the best Lorton Virginia auto repair mechanics will automatically elevate a shop.

What are the characteristics that good mechanics in Lorton VA should have?

• Diagnostic skills. This is a skill that comes with experience and involves the mechanic being able to quickly identify the problem. Apart from being able to use the resources of the shop to make a diagnosis, the mechanic should be able to make a preliminary identification of the problem by looking and listening to the car.

• Problem-solving abilities. This skill is related to the one above and involves the mechanic being able to suggest ways to fix the problem once it has been identified.

• Updated training. Since new equipment is always being developed, the mechanic should always be upgrading his skills by taking training courses on how to use new machinery.

• Communication skills. While this is not essential, it is very important when dealing with anxious customers. The mechanic should be able to tell customers just what is wrong with their car in clear language that is easy to understand.

• Customer relation skills. Again, this is not a deal breaker, but the ideal mechanic is one who knows how to deal with clients and be able to address their concerns. In addition, he should communicate that he is competent and knows what he is doing so that he can put customers at ease that their vehicle is in good hands.

AA Auto Repair & Collision has the best Lorton Virginia car mechanics in Northern Virginia. Our team is not only well-trained but also have extensive experience in handling all makes and models of cars. In addition, they can provide all types of auto repair services. Call us and tell us what you need, and we will probably be able to provide it for you.

In addition, we pride ourselves on offering the most affordable rates in the North Virginia area. If you don’t believe us, we invite you to call for your free “anytime” quote. And if you are calling us as part of comparison shopping, please tell us if you find the same service elsewhere for less, and we will strive to meet and even beat it.

Thank you for considering AA Auto Repair & Collision. Our team of mechanics in Lorton VA is standing by to serve you.